No Use For A Name - Growing Down lyrics

He doesn't know what's wrong
it's been this way for much too long
and nothing could be easier than blaming this on her
kicking in the womb she brings in up he leaves the room
walk away all he has to say you got what you deserve

It's your fault I don't think that it's even mine
and I guess there's not much in his little mind
it's a shame when it happens every day

He doesn't stop to think that every bottle that he drinks
is just an additive to ignorance hence problems that exist
lay down on the bed and dream of glory days instead
not egocentric attitudes solved problems with a fist

I don't understand why he can get so mad
she don't want it either but it's too late dad
it's not right and I doubt next time I'll think twice

Pretend that they're lovers but she feels like a slave
how could I even know?
she's sinking to the bottom and he can't feel her pain
too late 'cause the seeds were sown

Growing down instead of up where you belong
always weak when you're requested to be strong
it's a shame when it happens every day

You're growing down, you're growing down!