No Preservatives - On My Own lyrics

The world is on fire my conscience is dead,
I can't really express the feelings inside my head.
I know i'm a liar and i wish that i was dead,
Cause these cuts won't heal because they never really bled.

On my own once again, i'll just sit and pretend,
On my own once again, i wish that i could pretend.

How can you tell me that we still should be friends,
I know all to well that this is probably the end.
We'll never talk i'll get the forwards you send, a fight that won't start,
A wound that won't mend.

I said it before and i'll say it again,
Cause i know i'm wrong and we can still be friends.
Stuck in a rut i could realy use a hand,
I'll never give up i don't thin i can.