No Mercy - Controlled By Hatred lyrics

I see the world it slips so far away
I struggle every night and day
Chances are my life will stay
Controlled By Hatred

Terror reigns my world, Lord please tell me why
I'm on my knees, I start to cry
I live my life - another lie
Controlled By Hatred

Scrambled brains, toasted mind
Look in my heart, therein no goodness will you find
I've turned my back to all responsibility
I have no place for all your sensitivity

And now I'm checking in, and now I'm checking out
Now I start to scream. listen to me shout
Shout it out, let me hear what you're all about
So shout it out, and now you know what I'm all about


Bleeding heart, knife to cheek
Only the strong survive so I search out for the weak
I search you out and now you're right within my reach
Now you'll learn a lesson only I can teach

And now I'm checking out, and now I'm checking in
Now I start to pray, just another sin
Why can't I win?
Seems like I never win
It's a sin, seems like I never win

Who am I, I feel no pain
I close my eyes and now I see so clear
I slip away - just left all fear
Not a sound, but I still hear
Controlled By Hatred

And now the world it slips so far away
Looking back on yesterday
Leave me nothing more to say
Controlled By Hatred

I didn't think that I could ever try
Now tears of joy I start to cry
I free my soul and now I fly
Controlled By Hatred