No Doubt - Running lyrics (Chinese translation). | Run
, Running all the time
, Running to the future
, With you right by my side
, Me
, I'm the one...
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No Doubt - Running (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Run
ZH: 运行

EN: Running all the time
ZH: 运行所有的时间

EN: Running to the future
ZH: 跑向未来

EN: With you right by my side
ZH: 与你在我身边

EN: Me
ZH: 我

EN: I'm the one you chose
ZH: 我是你选择了的一个

EN: Out of all the people
ZH: 所有的人当中

EN: You wanted me the most
ZH: 你想让我的最

EN: I'm so sorry that I'm falling
ZH: 真对不起我爱上

EN: Help me up lets keep on running
ZH: 帮我起让跑

EN: Don't let me fall out of love
ZH: 别让我放弃爱情

EN: Chorus:
ZH: 合唱:

EN: Running, running
ZH: 运行运行

EN: As fast as we can
ZH: 一样快,我们可以

EN: I really hope you make it
ZH: 我真希望你能成功

EN: (Do you think we'll make it?)
ZH: (你认为我们会让它吗?)

EN: We're running
ZH: 我们运行

EN: Keep holding my hand
ZH: 保持着我的手

EN: It's so we don't get separated
ZH: 所以我们不要走散了

EN: Be
ZH: 将

EN: Be the one I need
ZH: 我需要一个

EN: Be the one I trust most
ZH: 是我最信赖的

EN: Don't stop inspiring me
ZH: 不停鼓舞人心的我

EN: Sometimes it's hard to keep on running
ZH: 有时很难跑

EN: We work so much to keep it going
ZH: 我们做了很多去继续

EN: Don't make me want to give up
ZH: 别让我想要放弃

EN: Repeat chorus twice
ZH: 重复两次合唱

EN: (The future¡­)
ZH: () Future¡­

EN: Repeat chorus
ZH: 重复合唱