No Cops For Miles - Hurray 4 Jesus lyrics

Hurray For Jesus

in the future what will you believe,
about religion, theres too much to concieve,
theres nothing in the sky, theres nothing underground,
its just a book of lies, and the story when around.
how can you live under god, when you know he's a fraud
you are a fool for their tricks
and your 666 is getting old

they are the same old lies they've already told,
no one is listening when you're down on your knees,
so can we put an end to this stupid disease,

so ask yourself how are people born
a simple question easily ignored,
why do people live, why do people die,
why do people give and why do people try,
you made up too many rules,
you're on the streets and our schools,
but it's all in your head,
your religeon is dead, to me!