Nixi Tanyss - Toilet Town lyrics

Toilet Town

I've been kickin' around in your toilet town
where the factory runs to the lake
in your tin can eyes and your parking lot smile
I can see your reluctance to leave
through your slaughterhouse window
your killing room floor
where the bible belt beats down upon you
you've got thirteen hard acres you can seed anymore
and you're choking on dust clouds and anger

its been a lonely dream, come away with me


I've been pissing around in your roughneck town
I've been wondering what I should do
you put roots in this ground and you won't let them go
like you think you've got something to lose

well, I'll tell it straight to you, I told you before
you will always be who you decide to
and if I were you darlin' I'd run out that door
and I'd take not one look back behind me

there's a great big world to see
come away with me
they'll show you how to live
to love the richness of a whole life
lose the old routine