Nitocris - Teddy's Song lyrics

He sits in the hallway for hours and hours
Waiting for that mousy sound
The only thing that distracts him
Is the thought of his dog food

Oh Teddy boy where's the mouse?
You're obsessed, is it in the house?

He lives for the day when he can smash his paw
Down on that mouse's head like a big sledge hammer
I tell ya, he's totally obsessed

Well there's a great leap and an enormous noise
As Teddy's claws slip on the wooden floors
He runs and slips as fast as he can
From the other room we heard a clang

That little mouse he don't give a damn
He fidgets and scitters and creeps around
Looking for food
Dodging the dog
Building his nest
He don't give a fuck

His ears prick up
There goes that mouse
Behind the door
Behind the couch

Watch out mousey, here comes that dog
I'll tell ya, he's totally obsessed
Watch out