Nipsey Hussle - Shell Shocked (Slauson Boy 2 Mixtape) (2016)

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Nipsey Hussle - Shell Shocked (Slauson Boy 2 Mixtape) lyrics

[Verse 1: Nipsey Hussle]
Look, all money in what I been bout'
Since Fifth Ave on a Scwhinn out
In too deep had to swim out
But ain't nothin sweet but the penthouse
Droptop Benz on the ten now
Dropped green dots to the pen now
I came up but I been down
Cause I standup nigga when they sit down
And I gas on niggas in the six now
And I built my lane in a brick pile
Not a broke real nigga or a rich clown
And I coach lil niggas in the mix now
Got em thinkin' pro tools 'stead of pistols
And I train these bitches like a pit now
Every time that I pull up at the Ritz now
They be like young hussle you the shit now
It's amazing to niggas how I get down
But it's crazy to me that I exist still
Cause the maze in my city leave you crazy and dizzy
Cause you either doing life or get chipped now
Lot of ghosts in my pics now
It ain't souls occupy the obyss now
Tryna cry for em it don't drip down
Cause when you deep in the shit it'll get foul look

[Verse 2:]
I just ball like I sposed' to
Quarter mill when I roll through
Got the game from the old school
Focused on break no rules
Operate on my own truth
I've been making my own moves
I keep hearing this game say
You could be the one if you so choose X2