Nipsey Hussle - Rose Clique lyrics (Chinese translation). | I’m the shit nigga, All that
, They call me young nip c note rose clique
, Talking to my girl...
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Nipsey Hussle - Rose Clique (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: I’m the shit nigga, All that
ZH: 我是屎黑鬼,所有

EN: They call me young nip c note rose clique
ZH: 他们叫我年轻聂 c 注意玫瑰派系

EN: Talking to my girl while your bitch give me deep throat
ZH: 说话我的女孩,虽然你的婊子给我深喉

EN: Shooting at the world dogg cause life is just a free throw
ZH: 射击世界 dogg 事业生活是只是罚球

EN: Shopping on rodeo in some dickies that’s my stee-lo
ZH: 购物在一些 dickies 是我钢坯的牛仔-罗湖

EN: Played out pussy please don’t offer me no
ZH: 演奏出猫请不要给我没有

EN: If sex was a weapon she could not kill my mosquito
ZH: 如果性爱是一种武器她不能杀我的蚊子

EN: Little mama lost her grip pastrami around her pee hole
ZH: 小小妈妈失去她握熏在她尿尿洞附近

EN: got too many miles baby that’s a repo
ZH: 有太多英里宝贝这是回购

EN: Shorty's in denial really trying to fuck with me though
ZH: 矮子的否认真的想他妈的跟我虽然

EN: I'm way out your league so please excuse my ego
ZH: 我是你的同盟的出路所以请原谅我的自负

EN: Diamonds in my cuban link my rolex presidential
ZH: 钻石在我古巴链接我劳力士总统

EN: Penthouses and beach homes perrier and patron
ZH: 顶层公寓和海滩的家园 perrier 和赞助人

EN: Told you way before about this baller shit I be on
ZH: 我会告诉你方法之前此叫号的事

EN: Young Nipsey Hu$$le ain't some shit that you should sleep on
ZH: 年轻 Nipsey 胡 $$ le 不是你应该睡一觉的狗屎

EN: Rich before rap had to let the streets go
ZH: 富之前说唱不得不让走的街道

EN: Faith in my transition I know I’ll be back in beast mode
ZH: 我国转型期的信仰我知道我会回来的野兽模式

EN: Catch a case that’s the tradition either that or six believe no
ZH: 要么抓住的传统是案件或六相信不

EN: Still somehow I understood that I could make the sea grow
ZH: 还是不知怎么我理解我可以作出海成长

EN: And that one day that tree will bear fruit to feed my people
ZH: 一天的树会开花结果养活我的人

EN: That one day is a promise grab your fork its time to eat bro
ZH: 一天是承诺抓你叉它吃兄弟的时间

EN: Slaucing that he's so rapper CEO nifty all actors I guess I'll be Al Pacino
ZH: 他是如此的说唱歌手首席执行官的俏皮的 Slaucing 所有行动者,我想我会艾尔帕西诺

EN: And it was all after when they thought I was finito not my Valentino
ZH: 它是所有后当他们以为我是归不我华伦天奴

EN: But thats what I got up my sleeve though LAX to JFK then on our way to heathrow
ZH: 但这就是我什么我袖子虽然 LAX 到肯尼迪机场然后我们去希思罗机场路上

EN: At the pollo lounge in here sipping cappuccino spending pounds
ZH: 在这里喝着卡布奇诺支出磅多博罗廊

EN: Every purchase man this feeling has no equal
ZH: 每次购买人这种感觉已经没有平等

EN: If you come from where I come from Its sweared that you see foe
ZH: 如果你来自哪里我来自其没法儿你见到的敌人

EN: That did it like I did it but do it ‘cause we need more
ZH: 那确是一样它,但做是因为我们需要更多

EN: Cube good and junior kill em with that submarine flow
ZH: 多维数据集好和初中杀了那潜艇流 em

EN: Like every man I honor had to conquer Rob Deniro like ginger red cassino
ZH: 象我尊敬每一个人必须征服罗伯德尼罗像姜红卡西诺

EN: Or that runway lighting heat that shadow in the grass
ZH: 或跑道照明热在草丛中的阴影

EN: from when vince shotty marcus feet in other words
ZH: 从,当文斯 shotty 马库斯脚换句话说

EN: life is just a fight against your disbelief that's why I'm screaming
ZH: 生活是只是一场反对你不敢相信这就是为什么我高声喊

EN: I'm the greatest of all time like young Ali played Mohammad to these thoughts
ZH: 我最伟大的所有时间像年轻阿里演奏到这些想法的穆罕默德 ·

EN: Prophets in this industry but I’m just me catch me cruising solo in my 2CB
ZH: 先知,在这个行业,但我现在只是我抓到我巡航在我 2CB 独奏

EN: EMC rap the Roosevelt with grandpa smoking weed TMZ
ZH: EMC 说唱与爷爷抽大麻 TMZ 罗斯福

EN: Flashing lights like Kanyes album number 3
ZH: 闪烁灯喜欢 Kanyes 相册编号 3

EN: But I’m gonna be from rsc till the day I D.I.E
ZH: 但我要从 rsc 直到那一天我 D.I.E

EN: So I I crank my beat and hit the gas on em, gas on em, gas on em.
ZH: 所以我我摇晃的我打和打 em 对气体、 气体对 em,气体对 em。