Nine Days - Another Day lyrics

Here's another day
She waits and pulls herself away
At just the right moment to save her face
I watch the time go ticking down
The waters falling on the ground
I catch myself and try to speak with grace
You needed just enough anger
To get you through the door
And you got just enough honesty
To make you want a little more

I wish for nothing but the rain
To fall and wash away
Everything that I've done wrong
Find a way to make you strong
If only for another day

When I'm all alone, just me and my ghosts
Standing three deep, just like sentries at their post
They make sure I remember just a little more than most
They make sure that I understand the consequence of past

When you see me chasing daydreams and you know that I'm not there
I'm not the one who sits across from you, who returns your stare
And I watch as you grow quiet like you always did
And I wait to get what I deserve
It's the part that doesn't die that makes it hurt