Nik Turner - Osiris lyrics

King of eternity
Lord of the underworld
I procure regeneration
Lord of mins and transformation
My bones are in my habitation
Shining on the moon
Forging alls transpire(?)

Osiris, Osiris, Osiris, Osiris

When Set plotted insurrection
Executed my decision
Isis and Nephthys caused my resurrection
When I lay covered earth and fire

My fire’s on fire in my divine omniscience
My rooms of flames …(?) my plume of running water
Set, a broken flail repaired in my omnipotence
Mt heart devours all slaughtered things
My still, still heart

Sat in the boat of millions of years
In the Uchat when it closeth
My white light is shining
My head in turquoise brilliance
I rise out the egg in the hidden land
The things which are created are in the hollow of my hand
But those which are to be are in my body
Speak to me the words of gods
And I’ll speak to thee the words of man
My forms are inverted
The unveiled one