Nightwish - The Kinslayer lyrics (Chinese translation). | For whom the gun tolls
, For whom the prey weeps
, Bow before a war
, Call it religion
, Some...
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Nightwish - The Kinslayer (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: For whom the gun tolls
ZH: 枪问丧钟为谁

EN: For whom the prey weeps
ZH: 为谁哭泣

EN: Bow before a war
ZH: 在一场战争面前低头

EN: Call it religion
ZH: 叫它宗教

EN: Some wounds never heal
ZH: 有些伤口不愈合

EN: Some tears never will
ZH: 一些人的眼泪永远也不会

EN: Dry for the unkind
ZH: 干燥的无情

EN: Cry for mankind
ZH: 为人类哭泣

EN: Even the dead cry
ZH: 即使死了哭

EN: - Their only comfort
ZH: -他们唯一的安慰

EN: Kill your friend, I don`t care
ZH: 杀了你的朋友,我不在乎

EN: Orchid kids, blinded stare
ZH: 兰花的孩子,蒙蔽盯着

EN: Need to understand
ZH: 需要了解

EN: No need to forgive
ZH: 不需要原谅

EN: No truth no sense left to be followed
ZH: 没有真相没有意义左应遵循

EN: "Facing this unbearable fear like meeting an old friend"
ZH: "面对这无法忍受的恐惧,像一个老朋友"

EN: "Time to die, poor mates, You made me what I am!"
ZH: "死了,可怜的朋友的时候,你让我我是什么!"

EN: "In this world of a million religions everyone prays the same way"
ZH: "在这个世界中的 100 万宗教每个人同样的方式祈祷"

EN: "Your praying is in vain It`ll all be over soon"
ZH: "你祈祷是徒然它会很快就能结束"

EN: "Father help me, save me a place by your side!"
ZH: "父亲帮我救我一个地方在你的身边!"

EN: "There is no god Our creed is but for ourselves"
ZH: "我们的信条是没有神,但为自己"

EN: "Not a hero unless you die Our species eat the wounded ones"
ZH: "不是一个英雄除非你死我们的物种吃受伤的部分"

EN: "Drunk with the blood of your victims
ZH: "醉你的受害者的血

EN: I do feel your pity-wanting pain,
ZH: 我觉得你可惜想要的痛苦,

EN: Lust for fame, a deadly game"
ZH: 欲名望,致命游戏"

EN: "Run away with your impeccable kin!"
ZH: "跑掉与你完美无瑕的亲人!"

EN: "- Good wombs hath borne bad sons..."
ZH: "-好子宫曾背坏儿子......"

EN: Cursing, God, why?
ZH: 咒骂,上帝,为什么?

EN: Falling for every lie
ZH: 爱上每一句谎言

EN: Survivors` guilt
ZH: 遗属有罪

EN: In us forevermore
ZH: 在我们一起到永远

EN: 15 candles
ZH: 15 根蜡烛

EN: Redeemers of this world
ZH: 这个世界的兑现者

EN: Dwell in hypocrisy:
ZH: 住在虚伪:

EN: "How were we supposed to know?"
ZH: "我们是如何知道?"

EN: 4 pink ones
ZH: 4 粉色的

EN: 9 blue ones
ZH: 9 蓝色的

EN: 2 black ones
ZH: 2 黑色的