Nightwish - Gethsemane (Live) lyrics (Chinese translation). | Toll no bell for me, Father
, But let this cup of suffering pass from me
, Send me no shepherd to...
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Nightwish - Gethsemane (Live) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Toll no bell for me, Father
ZH: 对我来说,父亲收费站没有贝尔

EN: But let this cup of suffering pass from me
ZH: 但让这杯苦酒将从我

EN: Send me no shepherd to heal my world
ZH: 向我发送没有牧人要治愈我的世界

EN: But the Angel - the dream foretold
ZH: 但天使在梦中预言

EN: Prayed more than thrice for You to see
ZH: 您可以看到超过三次祈祷

EN: The wolf of loneliness in me
ZH: 在我的孤狼

EN: ...not my own will but Yours be done...
ZH: ...not 做我自己的意愿但是你...

EN: You wake up, where's the tomb?
ZH: 你醒来,墓在哪里吗?

EN: Will Easter come, enter my room?
ZH: 将复活节来,进入我的房间吗?

EN: The lord weeps with me
ZH: 和我一起哭泣的主

EN: But my tears fall for you
ZH: 但我的眼泪爱上你了

EN: Another beauty
ZH: 另一种美

EN: Loved by a Beast
ZH: 爱的野兽

EN: Another tale of infinitely dreams
ZH: 无限梦想的另一个故事

EN: Your eyes they were my paradise
ZH: 你是我的天堂的眼睛

EN: Your smile made my sun rise
ZH: 你的微笑是我的阳光

EN: Forgive me, for I don't know what I gain
ZH: 原谅我,我不知道我的增益

EN: Alone in this garden of pain
ZH: 独自在花园里的疼痛

EN: Enchantment has but one truth:
ZH: 魅力已,但一个真理:

EN: I weep to have what I fear to lose
ZH: 而我害怕失去哭泣

EN: (Repeat chorus)
ZH: (重复合唱)

EN: "Iknew you never before
ZH: "想你以前从来没有

EN: I see you never more
ZH: 我看到你永远不会更多

EN: But the love, the pain, the hope, O beautifull one
ZH: 但爱、 痛苦、 希望、 O 连连看之一

EN: Have made you mine, 'till all my years are done"
ZH: 你排雷,直到我所有的岁月都做了"

EN: Without you
ZH: 如果没有你

EN: The poetry within me is dead
ZH: 在我的诗歌已死

EN: "You tell me, my love; It's not love if it's not forever. But let me
ZH: "你告诉我,我的爱 ;那不是爱,如果不是永远。但让我

EN: tell you; A Scene could brmuch more to remember than the play itself."
ZH: 告诉你 ;一个场景可以 brmuch 更多要记住这出戏本身比"。

EN: With Wishes for you, in June '98
ZH: 祝福你,在 6 月 98