Nieverlore - The Confession Of A Converted lyrics

I have to tell you something
The story of my life
It shall be a warning
Of the evil in disguise

When the poison of the serpent
Is injected in your veins
You will live in a world where's nothing as it seems

He promises you heaven
But what you get is hell
What will be with me
When I hear the judgement bell

Isn't there any hope anymore
Not have to knock on devil's door
Will I ever see the light again?

It was a black night
When I went back home
Through Dustcon Forest
All alone

I was so tired
And I didn't know for sure
If what I saw was real
And not just a dream

A man in a coat
Stood there on the street
The arms open wide
The moon shone so bright

He seemed to know me
Cause he called me by my name
When I saw his eyes
I believed to go insane

I couldn't run away
So I had there to stay

Was this the beginning of the end?

When I thought it was all over
I believed to have lost my soul
I read the words of the one who�d died
At the cross for all our fouls

Forever I'll stay by your side
Never you will lose the fight
Against the one who fell from the crimson sky

So follow me and you will be
Released from all sins, forever free
Choose the right way before you die!

It was a promise