Nicole - Make It Hot lyrics

But uh anyway
You should catch me any day
Sipping Hennessey
And my peeps get plenty-a
But anyways, to see that I hold this dough
Cats fake it
I made it
I told you so
Mocha latte kid
We no play
Stress free, sexy at Montigo Bay
You know it's a pity that
Ya'll look like idiots
Yo boo let me know when I should rip this cat

My man he don't call me anymore
We don't even kiss!
Am I his fool
What must I do
To keep him loving me
All this love I give
That ain't cool

I got what you want ( got what you want )
Got what you need ( I got what you need )
Can I get another shot (ohhhhh)
This time I'ma make it hot (come on)

i got want you want (got what you need)
i got wat you need (baby)
can i get another shot (come on)
this time i'ma make it hot (come on)

Call my man at the crib
He turned off his phone
Said to call him back
Why silly me
Why didn't I suspect
He was making love
To someone else
Boy you're killing me

Chorus 2x

Oh yeah (oh yeah)
Oh yeah (oh yeah)
Oh yeah (oh yeah)
Oh yeah (oh yeah)

Chorus 2x

I'm sitting on the side of the curb
With a pocket of herb
I don't know if y'all heard
I'm high as a bird
I can fly like Kelly
I glide like skates
Me with no Timbaland is like Puff with no Mase
Wait, hold up, wait a minute, what you say
Back it up, give me space
Who dat, Nicole Ray
By the way, DJ, better play all day
Make the whole world say " Damn that sucka Ray "

Missy talking:
Yo yo yo
Yeah this the kinda junk
That be making everybody wanna bop their heads
Haters, lovers, whatever (huh huh)
Nicole Ray

Chorus til end