Nicola Barghi - Something To Hide lyrics

(*) Don't be afraid, baby
And take out your smile
'Cause you must give up
To run away (+)

Tell me the truth, really
Every thing fool, far-off
Sniff out your dreams
And run about

(+) don't give a damn to the commonplaces
But let yourself beneath the skies
Get in the dreams
And keep on the right (*)

Something to hide

How do you mean the future?
When you'll have paied the rent
Of choices imposed by the world
Without you

So you'll see the reason
Of my insistence
Let you think without you
And without blue
'Cause you must be had

- From (*) to (+) and from (+) to (*)

Sky for the sun, darling
Ground for my love
She was my friend to sixpence
Something to hide, so ya
For your bad roof
No-one has been on the moon

Hey you, dear, don't you call me now?
I'm a mad man blue for a pie dream-like,
Maybe, ready to run,
And keep on a dream
So ya say to be a friend of mine
But I don't know if I'm very sane
You must believe in your dreams, remember