Nico Vega - Beast lyrics (Chinese translation). | Stand tall for the Beast of America. 
, Lay down like a naked dead body, 
, Keep it real for the...
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Nico Vega - Beast (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Stand tall for the Beast of America.
ZH: 站的高为美国的野兽。

EN: Lay down like a naked dead body,
ZH: 像赤裸的尸体,放下

EN: Keep it real for the people working overtime
ZH: 保持它真正人加班

EN: They can't stay living off the governments dime.
ZH: 他们不能留着各国政府一毛钱生活。

EN: Little birds looking down at the battle grounds,
ZH: 战斗的理由,向下望的小鸟

EN: Can't fly if the wind ain't kind.
ZH: 不会飞如果风不客气。

EN: They plant seeds for the Beast of America
ZH: 他们为美国的野兽的植物种子

EN: Putting little kids on meds and wine.
ZH: 把小小的孩子吃药和酒。

EN: We've got to rock, rock the king in the beast
ZH: 我们得岩石,岩石在野兽国王

EN: We have to shake, shake him out of his mind.
ZH: 我们要摇,摇他丧失了理智。

EN: We've got to shock, shock the Beast of America,
ZH: 我们得电击,冲击美国的野兽,

EN: Cuz tiptoeing soldiers ain't gonna change nobodies minds.
ZH: 因为小心谨慎地重士兵不会改变小人物的想法。

EN: No, so let's go
ZH: 不,我们走