Nicki Minaj - Long Time Comin' lyrics

[ verse 1 ]
Patty cake, patty cake
I mean really what the fuck that bitch patty bake?
Anyway I just heard T.I.P say
That black people turnin lemons into lemonade
Tell em to demnstrate
I guess he did already
Guess I'm a little bitter
Cuz I show bitches how to do it like they babysitter
So where my cash at?
& where my stash at
I mean where the Dall Jones
Where theNas Dack
I do it for the little macks wit they caps back
My little niggas pumpin crack out they nap sack

Know what I mean?
Get the sticky green, pass that
I smoke bitches, kill niggas can't patch that
Don't need cha spt to get a good game
Cuz a shot is a shot if it gotta good aim

[ chorus ]
Its been a long time comin but I came,
Now everybody in the rap game know my name
But honey aint a damn thing funny when ya fame
Out ways ya change ( out ways ya change )