Nickelus F - Number 15 (feat. Drake) (Vices Mixtape) (2013)

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Nickelus F - Number 15 (feat. Drake) (Vices Mixtape) lyrics

Yeah, had to do this shit for my lil brother, Mark
You all niggas just want to hear me talk that.. shit, you know?

Uh, you see bad bitches and foreign love
I'll be talking the rhythm, taking the club
Re-negotiations, young Frank I seen all the favorite girls naked
And mental pictures where taken, I never forget their faces
They're lucky I can't, still I'm artistic
Money on the way is got both of my palms itching
You boys in the wrong business for real
You boys in the wrong business!
All that sitting back and watching would make you a strong witness
Testify on how I'm living, make sure it's not fiction
Don't leave out anybody that put me in this position
We couldn't done it better, we change this city forever
Puffing ..lay back, fucking with Fifa
What I get for the features, I wouldn't fuck with me either for real
Now I'm in it for the hoes and the checks
You care less about respect for niggas I never met!

Broke niggas saw I'm greedy
Break a nigga down, if they don't fear me
Your girl, break her neck, same second that she seen me
And I bet my last nigga that she ever sweet...
Barley Cooper, our future is limitless
I'm infinite, take a photo where the sentence is
Great momma got all... cause she'll remember this!
Ain't no way that she won't remember
I wake up every morning, shall I gather my belongings
But I just quit my job, I got some pussy cause I'm balling
From am to pm, people with a bm
People with a buzz, got fire by the gm
Fuck! I lost my nigga to a God damn murder
In the zone kitchen with the zone God damn burn up
You ain't no God damn boss, you a God damn worker
Fuck beaver, niggas down for a God damn burger
My nigga all we know is just pain
Chance smoking in the city, where they're smoking for chance
To make your house a crooked spa, ride around, smoke a...
We all drink! this to the money, ain't enough
Do this for my city, it ain't enough
I'm like Andre cases... it ain't enough
I get down like... dare you to call my bluff!
That jewel won't pick...
We ride box Chevy, but we build for a tough
And I bet you that we won't give up
...but we broke... lil' coughs