Nickelus F - Crushin Your Toes (2010)

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Nickelus F - Crushin Your Toes lyrics

We’ll never be together, I just feel we’re so much love, love, love, oh baby
You gotta love it, call zippers and lg’s are low for the luggage(?)
Staying got pay hopped up busted up in the target
Big body seven sixty place red muppet
Nigger hold on as I roll on, I talk on, I’m in the o zone
Purple cush clouds what you float on?
Hair full of waves so I bloat off,
My life is like a condo for cruise
I bet Allan’s gonna shout that we economically groove
She agreed that I’m the baddest touch in my fabric
Cause this shirt is a jacked is shacked, I’m on another status
Listen Candice, we live in Latice, cranberries or chicken salad
… in my pally, you laughin but it’s sad if you never had it
So who you mad at nigger?

Sad thing is I got love for you hose
I don’t need to step on it but I’m crushing my toes

Polo is more that my clothes, it’s like my marbles
Equestrian resting on my lap pack …
My heart pumps sludgery, space and opportunity
It’s all I see economy, I’m everywhere you wanna be
The lot I see you fall, saying what you tumbling
But I move it up you win it’s something and never come and see
Yeah right, they’d rather watch you crumbling,
But I’m one tough cookie, chew blood sucker see I’m taking pills
All suck it, chewing in the vampire club, they all lookin
Look, zig-zag papers I’m going … zipping in and out of lanes
Zooming out of … catch up if you can
Ginger bread man tan … up against the land, damn
It won’t happen, I’m too fast, I move past … with my rue ass
Call the shut buck of strings like the blue grass, hell

Sad thing is I got love for you hose
I don’t need to step on it but I’m crushing my toes

… like a pharaoh, you think I have jade and terracotta soldiers around my grave
Shadow like the sun, still they’re trying to touché
Behave, all pick the subs in my team, reminding me the trips I took to get the green
See I’ve been on the scene for round now, time that you … out loud
I mean … chou chou down town we pull em up like …
When we hit the vip pull that … out
Yeah we earn trees like the damn bird-house
Wow, hey, what can I say? It’s the way for the new age dream of getting paid
Hurray, we in the bad blue sippin, and I’m good whether we drinkin ace of spades or blue ribbon
The bigger the risk the bigger the respect
The uglier the float the prettier the text
Provoke me nigger, I’m getting at your neck

Sad thing is I got love for you hose
I don’t need to step on it but I’m crushing my toes

This is death, celebration music, death, from nothing to something music
Twist up toy, twist the bottom top, drink till you … go up on your girl
And then rock her world, you know.