Nickelback - Leader Of Men lyrics (Chinese translation). | Tell your friends not to think aloud
, Until they swallow
, Whisper things into my brain
, Your...
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Nickelback - Leader Of Men (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Tell your friends not to think aloud
ZH: 告诉你的朋友不想大声朗读

EN: Until they swallow
ZH: 直到他们吞下

EN: Whisper things into my brain
ZH: 耳语东西进入我的大脑

EN: Your voice sounds so hollow
ZH: 你的声音听起来那么空心

EN: I am not a leader of men
ZH: 我不是一个领导者的男子

EN: Since I prefer to follow
ZH: 因为我更愿意跟随

EN: Do you think I could have a drink
ZH: 你认为我能喝一杯吗

EN: Since it's so hard to swallow
ZH: 因为它是那么难以下咽

EN: So hard to swallow
ZH: 所以难以下咽

EN: So turn the television off
ZH: 所以关掉电视

EN: and I will sing a song
ZH: 我会唱的一首歌

EN: And if you suddenly have the urge
ZH: 如果你突然有冲动

EN: You can sing along
ZH: 你可以跟着唱

EN: I touch your hand, I touch your face
ZH: 我触摸你的手、 我摸你的脸

EN: I think the fruit is rotten
ZH: 我觉得水果是烂了

EN: Give me lessons on how to breath
ZH: 呼吸如何给我的教训

EN: Cause I think I've forgotten
ZH: 因为我觉得我忘记了

EN: I think I've forgotten
ZH: 我以为我忘了

EN: One day, up to a cliff
ZH: 一天,到一个悬崖

EN: That overlooked the water
ZH: 那被忽视水

EN: I jumped in to save a girl
ZH: 要保存一个女孩在跳

EN: It was somebody's daughter
ZH: 这是别人的女儿

EN: And now the ring is on my hand
ZH: 现在的戒指是我的手

EN: It was given to me by her
ZH: 它给我的她

EN: To this day we all sit around
ZH: 为了这一天我们都坐着

EN: And dream of ways to get higher
ZH: 和实现梦想的途径来获得更高

EN: To get much higher
ZH: 要高得多