Nick Carter - End Of Forever lyrics

From all the situations
That messed me up
And bring me down
For the right moment
To lift me up
Let you in my life

Don't wanna live inside
without your love
Cause no one else can make me feel
This way

To love me
It's gonna take a lot
But I can't wait
Till the end of forever
Believe me-
It ain't never gonna stop
Could it be tonight
Or til the end of forever

On a runaway freeway
It's killing me
I know it's eating you
Oh free me
So we can go there
All i need is you
To show me the way, ah yeah

Can you see the fear of tears in my eyes
I know you feel it baby
I gotta make it right - yeah


All my life
I've been waitin'
For a time to show me
To lead me to the other side

Chorus X2

Chorus (fades out)