Nicholis Louw - Do You Remember Me lyrics

I remember how you broke my heart
I remember how it fell apart
I remember who you used to be Baby
I remember how you set me free
I remember what you thought of me
I remember what you said to me Baby

How the days seem longer now
Suppose I should be stronger now
Would’ve thought my tears would’ve dried by now
She’s lying next to me there where you used to be
She’s lying in my arms she makes me feel so strong
She’s what you used to be
Do you remember me

I remember everything you said
I remember I was lying on your bed
I remember thinking I was dreaming Baby
I remember that your words were slow
I remember thinking no please no
I remember thinking I was dying Baby

And in her eyes I’ve found nothing but the truth
Where from the start you were lying
Yeah I’ll never know the truth but it doesn’t matter now
When I’m giving all I am to her