Nicholis Louw - Anyhow Anywhere Anytime lyrics

Baby it's been a while
Maybe you'll give me a smile
If I hold you tight
If I treat you right
Baby all the time

Forgive me if I did you wrong
Believe me I meant you no harm
Just wanna be with you
I wanna keep it true
Baby all the time

Anyhow anywhere anytime
I'll take you there
With your heart next to mine
I'll walk the line
Baby every time

Anyhow anywhere anytime
I'll hold you near
The stars will shine
Will you be mine
Baby every time

Baby I'll give you my best
Hold me lay your head on my chest
You listen to my heart
We'll never be apart
Baby all the time

Release me from all of my pain
Believe me it won't happen again
Don't wanna see you cry
We can only try
Baby all the time