Nia Andrews - Made In America lyrics

He was in love with the danger baby
He hits the road leaves everything he knows and says "I don't care"
No fear will contain him he's born ready
Holes in his pocket the dream hit him like a rocket
He was made in America

She was working the nightshift daily
Wishing on a star she's wrapped in her lover's arms so far from here
Fantasy interrupted by her boss screaming
Quits slamming the door says "I don't need this no more"
She was made in America

A state of "mine" bubbling inside like a bullet to my head
When opportunity comes you better take it and run or be left for dead
Where we all come first where the truth don't hurt
For better or for worse we were made in America

See the ads on the TV and the magazines
Uncle Sam reaching out with his hand saying "I want you"
The children are laughing who they fighting
Soldiers march in line leave opinions behind
They were made in America