Nhoi - She's Over It lyrics

I don't think she likes me
Anymore last week she hit me
With a bat I fell onto the floor
Yesterday she punched me in
The face today I'm sore I don't
Think she likes me anymore
She never smiles she won't even
Give me a kiss good thing she
Missed this morning my tea was
Filled with piss I don't know why
She acts like this she doesn't
Like me anymore no no no no

The other day I came home late
I opened up the door I tried to
Talk to her she continued to
Ignore she's always telling me
How much my life's a bore I
Don't think she likes me anymore

I don't know what I do to her
To make her treat me like shit
I don't know why I don't do
Anything about it I don't know
What I do to her to make her
Treat me so bad I just wish that
I just wish that she never had

I'm pretty sure she doesn't like
Me anymore I think I should
Leave her I don't know what
I'm waiting for the other day
Was going good until we went to
The store she freaked out and
Kicked my ass on aisle 4
Everybody was laughing ha ha ha
I wasn't laughing na na na
I was disappointed to see
She doesn't like me anymore