Nhchristian - The B.O.Y. lyrics

Just like there's a day to honor(both of you),
There should be a day to dishonor(both of you.)

The rate you're going, you'll choke on the truth.
Taste of the fruit , choke on the fruit.

Yes that feeling you feel is resentment.
There's enough for both of you.

I hope Karma hunts you 100 times over(both of you.)
Wish upon you a frobidden hatred on your shoulder(both of you.)

Have you ever seen a hatred that shouldn't exist,(both of you)
Create an ulcer the size of a fist?(both of you)

Yes that vibe you feel is resentment.
I'll make sure there's enough for both of you.

He will be speaking of( both of you)
When he says I never learned to love(both of you.)

I'll die before I submit to(either of you)
And I'll expect damnation before respecting(either of you.)

[Chorus] Yes your insticnts are telling you the truth.