Nhchristian - Faces Of Opposition lyrics

Smiling face tell lies, long faces tell stories.
A blind man is amazed by all he sees.
The radio replays the song that never ends.
One third of the prison population is without sin.
Small wages will get you the greatest things in life that are free.
The first living thing was born in the Dead Sea.

And for some reason I can't sleep.
Don't eat right. So many troubles.

The Gulf of Mexico holds dry sand grains.
People take what they don't have in vain.
Mllions spent on poisonous antidots.
To erase the words on the paper is to quote unquote.
Foolish is the snake that swallows it's tail.
Everyone walks around with a sign "Soul for sale."

And for no reasons I can't sleep.
Missing meals. Great deal of worries.