Next To Normal - Hey Number 2 lyrics

Henry: Hey...
Natalie: Hey...
Henry: So tomorrow's the dance
It's annoying I know, but let's go
Natalie: Not a chance

Henry: Let me know you again
Natalie: Not right now
Henry: Ok, when?
Say wait and I'll wait
Natalie: It's already too late
Henry: There's no way it's too late
Natalie: Hey...hey!
Henry: There's no way
Natalie: Will you listen?
Henry: I stayed by your side
Natalie: Just shut up and listen
Henry: Why do I get denied?
Natalie: You remind me of me
And how fucked up I can be

Henry: Ok, hey...
Let's start over, clean slate
I'll come by here at 8
If you show, then we'll go
If you don't, well, we'll see
Natalie: You just don't give up
Henry: So don't give up on me
Natalie: Goodbye, Henry...