New Year - Age Of Conceit lyrics

Last week I would have said there's no way
Today I'm giving in
I don't believe in what I now have to believe in
But no one sees and end to the end

I have a recurrent memory
The world has its legs spread in front of me
Now they mark off the limits of the possible
They went on forever now they come together

But legs can't stay uncrossed for long
The pleasure can't escape the perverse
We have to stay together
The men have taken over
The vainglorious masters of fact
Give me back my childhood
But let me keep my beard
I'll be the freakish little man

Do you feel inspired
I'm not fired up (all I feel is tired)
There's no motive in misery

You're smiling through your teeth
It's shaken your belief
There's no hiding in self loathing

Your friends are digging in
And squirting out their kin
And giving up on self-definition

This is a new age of conceit