New Riders Of The Purple Sage - Whiskey lyrics


My family's always been in whiskey
It's a simple honest way to earn a dime
The only trouble's been my Uncle Sam now
He been trying to collect taxes all the time

Now this ain't no ordinary Chevy
The motor and suspension ain't the same
Whiskey as you know is very heavy
And getting through is what they call the game

It's a dark and rainy night
But my engine's running right
And I hope to get to Memphis before dawn
Yeah and if I make it through
Gonna save what I have to
It ain't healthy running whiskey very long (note 1)

Three hundred miles from home to Memphis
There's a dozen men along the way (note 2)
Never stop and let 'em do no looking
Yeah, that was what my pappy used to say


Oh there's three hundred miles from home to Memphis
And Susan says she don't want me to go
She said, now honey don't take chances
Ah love I want to keep you, don't you know