Nevertheless2726 - Say Boom lyrics

So winter break was fake and summer a fairytale I take? don't ever say different, don't ever say anything again understand we've woken up, no sparkle, no shine, no tinsel, no wings and I wish that rainy day when we went out and played would of washed my heart away and january never felt so warms before, and february had never been the longest month and it's march now and I swear I'm getting better it turns out I'm not the most clever boy, in fact it turns out that you're a movie that I wanted so real so that's how this story goes, I made it close but no goddamn cigar I'm packin my bags today, off to LA and I swear I'll never come back and I hope any new kiss with any new boy tastes more sweet than mine did I'm recalling my heart from any liar now, one touched the broke kids neck throwing the car in drive, drag from a cigarette, windows hold no sense on these nights I begin on westmoreland, you're right on time summer, this is a routine way to breathe deep hey Brandi, can't you see? if this is all we got, then I just got fucked by a turncoat heart hey Brandi go find yourself, and tell me who you are I just want to know you know?