Never Heard Of It - No Regrets lyrics

it's done
yes time has told the answers
in a bottle and
it's resting all alone

one time
we were free to speak our mind
how can you say you're happy? i can't even say I'm fine...

*whoa, what was once a good time had together
now it's not fun
(i can't go on)
whoa, and i thought that this could last forever,
i can't go on...
(now it's not fun)*

reflect, upon my intellect
my hindsites 20-20 and there's no time for regrets

thin walls connect the empty halls
they've lasted until now
and they're finally breaking down

*chorus* mm

I feel so left out in this empty
Space I can't waste all my days
When it's not time well spent
Don't know who I am or where
I should be but right now I know
That this isn't for me


Don't forget, dont regret
we'll always have the time we spent
Don't forget don't regret we'll always have the time we spent


No regrets (3)
I can't go on
sorry if i got some of it wrong, i was diong it by ear! I tried!