Neva Dinova - Squirrels lyrics

I tossed a dime into the stream
It was crazy, I couldn't help
It was amazing, it went forever across the water
But it wouldn't stop and didn't skid
It never looked more beautiful until just before it hit


I caught you up late at night
I just can't speak when I'm high
I must have been lonely and looking for a friend
And I had a great idea but I couldn't find a pen

So I went for a drive at night
Saw a crazy sight
Saw a squirrel in the yard doing backflips
For a lady who vacuumed her heartaches away
She's saying where is my son?
Where has he gone?
Changing the squirrel bought---
Something should change
For the girl----
And now she's gone, gone, gone
And now she's gone
Whoa whoa

I just keep writing the same song
The game's on
So turn down that stereo
And pass me the shit
You won't even notice your brainst sutck

And there theyve gone
and now thye're gone