Nesian Mystik - Nesian Style lyrics

yo... Nesian Mystik
ah come on uh wat uh

(Te Awanui)
Nesian Style is here, ladies beware
Now tell me if you are down (are you down3x wat)
When all the styles get down
Polynesians all around
Now this is how we move you crowds.

*Verse 1*
The territorial betrayal as two worlds combines
The combination of MC's mentally intertwine
Interlectually capable in this industry
The collaboration of Taurius and Dees - Nesian MC's
Being conspicious with limited intelligence
Calling us delirious when we get serious
Bringing you the next chapter in this hiphop legacy
The democracy of these youngsters technique of MOOLI
Well as the saga continues we stand our ground as pioneers
Space cadets on a mission to a nesian frontier
Not knowing our next destination
We be taking a lyrical leap into the next millenium
Free styling on the low down, batting rhyming like a show down
riding the flow like a how down, till the show commences to a close
So hold up now, let me see ya bounce with me, are you down with me
What, what, yo


*Verse 2*
Instantaneously we rocking mics to new heights
Represent this nesian style every day and every night
Culturally strong at birth, but weak upon our native tongue
The product of our ancestors seeds from which we sprung
The saga we maintain combine us wise with memories
A noble lesson learnt from the Fa'atasi Family
Elevate the positive this nesian image must arise
Aotearoa hiphop plian clothed not in disguise
With no demise we be on the rise, with our dreaming eyes
Poly individuals carry connections to ignite
Reign for real upon these mics on a quest vocalists uplifting what we
do in the rhyme
Cause we (can't stop) we do this for the love of it (won't stop)
keeping these roots rhymes intelligent
To all the ladies who be shaking their hips
And all the fellas come on and bounce to this

(Te Awanui)
So if you wanna party we got to do it right
Hiphop MOOLI Style
If you wanna party we got to do it right

All y'all bounce while we kick it
Nesian Style with Natural Mystik
Boogie down victims, come you wanna test this
Brown sugar guys, girls you getting restless

M double O L I tell me if you are down 2x

with our nesians styles together we can shine as one