Nervous Reck - The Ojays (feat. J. Cole) (2014)

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Nervous Reck - The Ojays (feat. J. Cole) lyrics

[Verse 1: J. Cole]
At the stop sign, I looked both ways, pumpin' Ojays
My pops put me on that, catchin' a contact
And weed blew from the backseat, two niggas I just met
A month ago, I'm starin' in the rearview, suspect
I catch a screwface from one of them two-faced niggas
I'm wonderin' how these two snakes ever snuck in my crew
Wait, they knew Filthy, now these clowns in the back of my ride
But I ain't mention Nervous on the passenger side
He tipsy yellin', "Yo my 10 G's in the trunk plus yours
I know you young but this the most dough you've seen thus far"
I tried to smile but barely did, I glanced in the backseat
Feelin' like these cats got plans to attack me
But maybe that's weed smoke makin' me so
Paranoid of some snakes, Nervous asked me was I straight
Said it's written on my face, what was up?
Eyes motioned to the back, I said "nothin' much"
I turned the CD up, a coincidence, Ojays, backstabbers
I laughed at the irony, them niggas still eyein' me
It must have been the alcohol cause suddenly I shouted
"Y'all know this is your favorite song, what the fuck you poutin' for?"
Nervous told me chill out, them niggas just smiled
One turned to his man, started whisperin' loud
I couldn't tell what he was sayin' though
I turned around and said "You got somethin' to say, then say it, ho"
And before I knew it, mad movement, both them niggas popped out gats
Reply "pull the fuck over, nigga, how 'bout that?"
Fuck man I knew these niggas was some fake ass vests
Couldn't trust as far as I could smell their stank ass breath
I pulled over to the side, looked at Nervous
I guess he sobered up, they told us open the trunk and get out slowly
Said "let me see your hands, show me
And if you make a move for your weapon, it's over, homie"
I wished we had one but wasn't packin'
Bad mistake as this nigga pistol whipped my face and I ate pavement
Grabbed the cash out the trunk, hopped in the front
Me and Nervous helpless as [?]
We just stood there, shocked, pride hurt, plus our pockets
Told Nervous, "Time to mobilize", he looked at me and nodded
Yeah, pride hurt, plus our pockets
Told Nervous, "Time to mobilize", he looked at me and nodded

[Verse 2: Nervous Reck]
Fuck it, yo, that 20 ain't shit, are you aiight?
Wipe that blood off, here's a handkerchief, you livin' the life
Of a criminal now, I should have never brought you 'round
I should have never let you drive the car, I should have held you down
Cause I know you got a temper, you say what's on your mind
They was blowin' smoke up in your face, plus they tried to pry
Up in our business, I can't believe it totally went wrong
But I ain't tryna blame you, I know this shit's my fault
See that 20 up in the trunk, it wasn't from a show
I lied, I was supposed to off these cats on the low
And I was gonna tell you but I ain't want you to know
Cause in order to do it right, we had to get close
So I figured the best way, take 'em out to get tipsy
Let 'em smoke somethin', I thought takin' you with me would
Give you a hands on look at my profession
It's the underworld, the only way that I relieve aggression
And you told me before that you was interested in it
Been a minute, I've been watchin' you grow into a menace
I know you mad lost, don't mean to speak like this
That bastard must have found a heat tucked underneath my shit
And when he saw the opportunity he couldn't let it pass
Fuck, I can't blame him, yo he caught me slippin' bad
But we 'bout to get it back and I'ma tell you how
Call Bobby, tell him meet us right now, it's goin' down
See I left the tank on E, they ain't gettin' more than 5 to 10 miles
Up the street, so tell 'em bring the heat
Drove off in that direction, 5 minutes later
Seen 'em stalled past the intersection, what a relief
It all happened, we made it look like a car jackin'
Grabbed the bags out the back and you don't want beef
It all happened, we made it look like a car jackin'
Grabbed the bags out the back and you don't want beef