Neonifur - I Am The Dragon lyrics

In the land of dirt and Lore
Four men, they had glory, but they wanted more,
They were a bard, a knight, a wizard, a bill!
So they set to the land for a beast to kill!

Four men seeking ultimate glory,
Tread the path of a hero's story.
Banish evil from the souls of the damned,
Make it safe for us to roam the land

They searched over the hills, and under the trees
And they searched and they searched for a big, scary beast
They looked real far, and they looked really close
And they got chased away by a small scary ghost.

The bard named robson he was playing hot,
Lighting up all o' the land forgot
No mortal would ever hold him back,
For his shoes were gold, and his socks weren't wack!

The knight stood tall in his armour of steel,
He was cold,heartless, wasn't paid to feel.
His hand laid down on the hilt of his blade,
Mincemeat of his enemies was sure to be made!

Four men seeking ultimate glory,
Tread the path of a hero's story.
Banish evil from the souls of the damned,
Make it safe for us to roam the land

The Man of White Bore The Cloak Of A Wizard
His outstanding might made small of a blizzard,
He Had no fear, and he brought strife,
To all of those who still Have life!

The Bill Stood proud against his Lute of gold,
His Name so Awesome, His heart so Bold,
He scouted ahead for danger at stead,
With leaves of brown scattered on his head.

The search went on for months at a time,
The four men started to come off their prime,
And as they started to descend a slope,
Out of the mist was born a small hope.

The four men Gazed upon a cave,
But they weren't frightened, no they were brave,
They Ran right in, And swords were pointed,
But they looked around and were disappointed

They turned their backs as a flame came to roar
From the centre of the fire a shiny dragon did soar
The men span round, swords of steel, hearts of lead
But before they commenced here's what the dragon said;
"Cometh thee mortals into my cave?
I'll rip you apart in a manner most depraved
You'll regret the day you set out for me
But enough chit-chat it's time for tea!"

The four men were steeled for the battle yet to come
All their might was needed, all the power of the sun
The knight raised his sword and he let out a cry
It was him or them, but somebody had to die!

The Battle Raged on, for hours on end,
From the dragons attacks, they could barely defend.
When The Bill, he had an idea
He charged to the dragon, and made these words clear
He said; "Dragon this has gone on for way too long
It would seem we're both equally as strong"
So we're gonna settle this a different way
Lets see how you fare when the solo starts to play!

"I play in this key (Rock!)
As you can see
I'm the dragon of the cave
And you can't beat me!
Your adventure stops here
No peasants will cheer
No honour, gold or glory
Will be yours!

Don't you know?
I'm the dragon of rock
I'm nothing to mock
Perhaps next time, you will knock!
You think that I can be slain?
Save it for another day
Now you shall gaze in horror
As I shred and shred away!"

Swords met scales
Spells met fire
The rock was too much
The warriors did tire
One by one close
To retire
Bravely on they went
'Till one expired

The Dragon Raised its claws, It Swiped at the knight,
He couldn't get away, but he lived to fight
They knew they couldn't beat that big, scary beast.
So they turned, thankful they weren't deceased.
Only One Option Left!

The dragon raised up and breathed out fire,
Their situation was looking dire,
But Robson Ran out to the front of the crowd,
And he shouted his words, and he made them loud.

The Bard Said: "Dragon, it might not be my fight"
It might be the wizard, or even the knight,
But Lets see if you're really so tough,

The Dragon Quivered, His Body Fell,
His soul delivered to the depths of Hell,
The Rock Ran fierce, the Rock Ran true,
The beast turned into a Silvery Goo.

The Battle was over, the battle was won,
They left the cave, and into the warm sun,
The glory was theirs, The dragon defeated,
And to a fruit salad, they were all treated!