Nelsen Adelard - Don't Stop Now lyrics

Me and my baby are out on the town Havin some fun and foolin around.
Out in the back of a local bar. We're sittin and foolin around in my car.
The sun was risin, I don't know how. But My Baby looked up and said don't stop now.

Don't stop now. (hold me tight)
Don't stop now. (with all your might)
Don't stop now. (just one more kiss)
Don't stop now. (don't leave me like this)
Honey I beg you please. Don't Stop Now!

Me and the boys are up on the stand Ready to rock the girls with the band
The crowd's getting hot a little out of control But it's Saturday night and we're ready to roll
It's getting real late, we're takin our bows And someone in the back says don't stop now.