Nekromantix - Haunted Cathouse lyrics

The stripper mummy's death dance
Causes shiver and earthquake's
Out of the tomb comes sexy zombies
Dead corpses awakes
The restless headless horseman
Is looking for his hat
A guana smelling witch is
Eating coffinnails with a bat
Upstairs the frenzy she-devils
Tempts with wild mad sin you know
I recommend iternal torment
Demended bondage are go

Back in that old Haunted Cathouse
Where everybody used to go
All pleasures were for free
Back in that old Haunted Cathouse
If only i could turn back time
Well that's where i would be

Bloody Mary and King Kong
Is kissing while lost soul's cry
Hand in hand watching meteors
And stars on the midnight sky

A ghastly krew of wicked men
Arrives in the BatMoblie
Klingon's drunk flying
Their UFO.. uuuh what a thrill