Negură Bunget - Wordless Knowledge lyrics

Sol Ler Sol
Sol Ar­gent
Sol Flu
Sol Faur Alchimia

My eyes were glim­mer­ing be­hind the mir­ror
As my face still stands in front of my­self.
I change the worlds, I switch the lights.
An un­spo­ken rule lies be­neath my will
To shield my si­lence from with­in

Crossed is the space from with­in.
Be­tween my mind's con­cen­tric­i­ty and be­yond,
From there the great un­known is purl­ing!
I turned to left my sense of see­ing
Where drawl­ing dwells in dull still­ness
I felled awake into pro­fun­di­ty
In a thought­less peren­ni­al state.

A gen­tle wind drift­ing me to the other side
Makes my soul wan­der through the an­cient stones,
Under the her­mits of old reigns,
Sought vi­sions en­riched my wis­dom
Through Sabi­an sym­bols I step and gain
The mat­u­ra­tion of my aim.

I crest the strength,
Into the depth of Kos­mic Tree
And as I stand, in front of me
Uni­verse’s hol­low swal­lows me
I watch with­in, the depth of me
And as I stand, so close with me
My eye’s trans-lu­cid
I am one with my­self.