Negazione - Little Dreamer lyrics

"Ya know there's something
I've to say from the start,
This is about a little child
We all got inside,
He's helpin us to dream and play,
Keep him alive means our lives"
Little dreamer, little dreamer
Oh baby, please don't cry
Smile and laugh at things around you
I'll feed you with hope and dreams
I'll give you all my innocence
Little dreamer, oh little dreamer
Dreams of better days
Dreams of no pain at all
This is not unreal
This is about my life
I'll have to keep excitement and strenght
I'll have to keep my child alive
That child is inside me
That child is me
I would be dead too soon
And I still wanna get
My dreams and hopes
I'll call you friend
And we'll keep on doin
We'll keep on playin
'till we keep on livin'
Take care of you little dreamer
Take care of me little dreamer.