Neal Morse - There's Nothin' That God Can't Change lyrics

A woman in prison for a terrible crime
Killed her best friend, while she was out of her mind
Strong out on meth and on a drunken spree
She just did some things that she saw on tv
One night in the darkness gods light shone through
All things were passed away and all became new
But don't think it common and don't think its strange

Cause there is nothing
There is nothing
There is nothing
That god cant change

A young man raging in his car one night
Cries out to God I'm ready to die
If u want me living I'm gonna drive by
If someone's in church I will give u my life
Well the pastor was there cleaning at quarter till dawn
He prayed him through right there on the lawn
But don't think it common and don't think its strange

Lazarus was sealed in a public grave
It was clearly over he'd been dead for four days
But when Jesus called him, he said "come on out"
Some people there watching they still had some doubt
But when the dead man walking came out of the grave
All unbelievers believed on that day
But don't think it common and don't think its strange

Three Hebrew children that wouldn't bow down
The king swore to put their rebellion down
"they have no fear of me, but they will soon
Thrown them in the fire where all is consumed"
But it didn't burn anything except for their bonds
And another was there with them and he looked like the son
And they stood rejoicing in the dancing flame

My wife and me in a hospital room
The doctor came in on a pale afternoon
"with your new babies heart something's gone wrong
We'll do an operation if she can get strong"
But a few month later my wife called on the phone
Jesus has healed her, they're sending her home
And the doctors were baffled but I can explain

I used to believe my good days were spent
I'd never be happy and much less content
And I'd clearly failed with all that I tried
There was nothing to do but just wait till I die
But Jesus came and rewrote my story
He gave me a life filled with love hope and glory
And my heart had a healing that cant be explained

So friend if you feel like there is no hope
Maybe you've come to the end of your rope
And your heart is saddened or it's made of steel
And no one can change the hard things that you feel
God's made you a promise, he'll do his part
The best work of all He'll do inside your heart
So just let him have it make the great exchange