Ne-Yo - I Know You Want Me (Remix) (feat. Mavado) (Snippet) (2011)

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Ne-Yo - I Know You Want Me (Remix) (feat. Mavado) (Snippet) lyrics

Whoaaaa whoaaa whoaaa( why, girl)

Uh woohhhhh wooouhh
Hold me, closer, to you
Mmmmm oooh oh, oh oh

[Verse 1: Ne-Yo]
You cant lie
All over your face is the evidence of how u feel,
For me girl
Even though your friends tried to tell u that it cant be real
Telling u that i
Only want u body only wanna break u heart
Girl that's a lie
They hating on us from the start
I dont give a damn about they jealousy
Seem like they just dont want to see you happy
Baby girl is me for you and you for me
Dont try to hide it baby let dem see

I know you want me i see it in your eyes
Baby when i touch u feel so good you wanna cry
They hatin' on me and i dont know why
They dont understand the love between you and i
I know you want me imma a mek u fly
Regular me touch you then mi mek u touch the sky
You love my heartbeat can u tell mi why
When u really gonna bring it to di gully boy

[Verse 2: Mavado]
As we grow in life, that's what we do
You for me and me for you
Girl you are my everything