Ne-Yo - Bigger Than This lyrics (Chinese translation). | (Rule Number Two
, Understanding what you have is bigger than this)
, Feeling alone in the middle...
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Ne-Yo - Bigger Than This (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: (Rule Number Two
ZH: (规则第二号

EN: Understanding what you have is bigger than this)
ZH: 了解你有什么是比这个更大的)

EN: Feeling alone in the middle of the sea
ZH: 感觉孤独大海的中央

EN: That's what it feels like
ZH: 这就是这种感觉

EN: Two weeks later and you're still not talking to me
ZH: 两个星期后,你仍然不说话我

EN: Baby, the energy it takes
ZH: 宝贝,精力

EN: To act like I'm not there
ZH: 好像我不存在

EN: We could be using that to make up
ZH: 我们就可以使用,以弥补

EN: But you don't even seem to care
ZH: 但你甚至似乎并不在乎

EN: So let me try this again
ZH: 所以让我再试一次

EN: I'm sorry for the wrong that I did
ZH: 我很抱歉,我做错了

EN: Why can't we just get over it?
ZH: 为什么我们不能在它?

EN: Say it right
ZH: 说它对吧

EN: We're bigger than this
ZH: 我们是比这更大

EN: Bigger than this stupid fight
ZH: 比这个愚蠢的战斗

EN: Baby girl, we're bigger than this
ZH: 宝贝女儿,我们是比这更大

EN: Bigger than this
ZH: 比这更大

EN: Staying mad at me, for eternity
ZH: 我生气,为永恒

EN: What's that gonna be?
ZH: 那什么?

EN: So baby girl, try
ZH: 所以宝贝女孩试

EN: What we got is so much bigger than this
ZH: 我们有什么是比这更大

EN: Bigger Than This
ZH: 比这更大