Naughty Boy - Do It Big (feat. Ghetts, Bashy & J Spades) (2014)

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Naughty Boy - Do It Big (feat. Ghetts, Bashy & J Spades) lyrics

I'mma do it
I'mma do it
I'mma do it big
Bigger than the rest

[Hook: J Spades x2]
Before my grave dig
And I lay to rest
I'mma do it big
Bigger than the rest

[Verse 1: Ghetts]
This ain't a job, it's a call-in
Can't let the phone ring out, it's important
When I was young, they asked what I wanna be
And I told em "a legend", now I'm like
Fuck that, I'm immortal, I've wasted my time
On this Earth if my name don't live on
I'm writing this verse with the same hunger
I was writing my first, and that's why man are still on
There's levels to this young boy
I'm getting paid doing something I love
So it feels like I'm unemployed
Self-made, never saw twelve [?]
And a brudda well-paid, BET
And I ain't on it all day
Biggest smile when I came back from LA
I never won it, but fuck it, still felt great
There was a time when I felt like a let-down
So I got my head down, I do it for my daughter
Gotta make sure she's got a fed mouth
I sent her to private school
And man, I gotta pay the rent now
East boy but every night I head south
And when it comes to this music ting, I'm so innovative
I be in the lab searching for the next sound
I just wanna make my mum, my dad, my family and friends proud
I can still see the looks on their faces when I got sent down
I paid the penny, got sent to the pen and still couldn't put the pen down
I wish [?] could've seen, but he's dead now

[Hook x2]
Before my grave dig
And I lay to rest
I'mma do it big
Bigger than the rest

[Verse 2: Bashy]
One life
Don't accept no from anyone
If nobody wants to help man, cool
Fuck everyone
And all dem gyal who didn't wanna fuck man
Back in the day wanna fuck man now
Cool, you know what?
I'mma fuck everyone
Some say my style is very blunt
That's cause the truth is very harsh
I'mma cook every rapper they put in front of me
That's that lyrical Benihana
These bruddas keep acting up
But they don't want any drama
You have to appreciate your life
When you see what's happening in Gaza
I had them council estate boundaries
But my mind estate was larger
Black boy went back to the motherland
Nigeria and Ghana
Went Ethiopia
I was chilling in Addis Ababa
I was in Selassie's palace
Man can't chat to me rasta
Cuh they're stuck on the couch, I'm heading out
They're still about, I'm jetting out
I've had enough of this town
I've had enough of them clowns
Using my logic to bounce
Keeping them out of the loop, just me and my clique
Double entendres all over that shit
Me and your bitch, dick in her boat
Mate, bussing all over her ship, little groupie
She want champagne? She get water, [?]
Not living my life like it's golden, like a movie
Fuck a slice, want all of it
Sure, are you recording this?
I killed so many rappers on tracks, I'm bored of it
Let this serve as a warning cause where this verse came from, there's more of it
Tell em put their money where their mouth is
Oi! I better start talking shit, in your videos
Flossing, with their watches
When I watched it, dog shit
On my videos
Spent Kettle Chips, you Wotsits
Me and Ghetts battled on the rooftop
Then we squashed it
That's that grown black man
Powerful positive boss shit
Gotta change up, gotta progress
Can't remain thugs
From the street to the boardroom
Switched the blazers for blazers

[Hook x2]
Before my grave dig
And I lay to rest
I'mma do it big
Bigger than the rest