Nations On Fire - Four More Reasons lyrics

I've been thinking about what we used to say
About the ignorance with which we used to preach
The vegetarian way. But as years go by always
Looking for more answers my thirst for knowledge
Never runs dry.
Analysing the meat-industry how it will destroy
Our environment in a few years.
It's the second biggest threat to our earth
Next to a nuclear disaster this no one has heard

When the meat is red, 4 more reasons to get upset.
Find out what the dangers are!

Political, economical, ethical and health reasons
Exploiting third world countries for our meat.
The meatlobby is fucking powerful and rules our
Minds and rules our schools
We feed our livestock the food which could feed
Whole populations, we're polluting our world
For the profits made by a few corporations
Our disrespect for animals proves our disrespect
For people: Speceism and sexism are one & the same thing
And in the end we're destroying our own health
Our body is out of balance.
I say damn your wealth!

When the meat is red, 4 more reasons to get upset.
Check out all the healthfood you can get - we did it
And we don't regret it.

When the meat is red, it's an innocent creature's death