Nation - Rock'a Bye Baby lyrics (Chinese translation). | Rock-a-bye, baby
, In the treetop
, When the wind blows
, The cradle will rock
, When the bough...
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Nation - Rock'a Bye Baby (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Rock-a-bye, baby
ZH: 摇摇,宝贝

EN: In the treetop
ZH: 在树梢上

EN: When the wind blows
ZH: 当风吹的时候

EN: The cradle will rock
ZH: 将岩石摇篮

EN: When the bough breaks
ZH: 当树枝上休息

EN: The cradle will fall
ZH: 摇篮将下降

EN: And down will come baby
ZH: 下来的婴儿

EN: Cradle and all
ZH: 摇篮和所有

EN: Baby is drowsing
ZH: 宝宝 drowsing

EN: Cosy and fair
ZH: 舒适和公平

EN: Mother sits near
ZH: 母亲坐在附近

EN: In her rocking chair
ZH: 在她的摇椅

EN: Forward and back
ZH: 前进和后退

EN: The cradle she swings
ZH: 她摆动的摇篮

EN: And though baby sleeps
ZH: 虽然宝宝睡着了

EN: He hears what she sings
ZH: 他听到她在唱什么

EN: From the high rooftops
ZH: 从高天台

EN: Down to the sea
ZH: 海边

EN: No one's as dear
ZH: 没有人是一样尊敬

EN: As baby to me
ZH: 作为对我的宝贝

EN: Wee little fingers
ZH: Wee 小手指

EN: Eyeslink to a non-NIEHS site wide and bright
ZH: 向宽和明亮的非研究所网站 Eyeslink

EN: Now sound asleep
ZH: 现在听起来睡着了

EN: Until morning light
ZH: 直到早晨的光线