Nate James - Choke lyrics

No I don't wanna make the call
Disappontiment in your voice
Just says it all
And I swear if I had the time
I'd be cleaning up witu
Couldn't love you more
Damn it hurts when I let ya down
But I know it hurts you more

Have to Choke whta I feel for ya
Lack the words to descirbe what I think of ya
Telephone doesn't show that my hearts for ya
Doesn't help
But I know whta I'm doin' to ya

Realising you're slippin' thru
Thru my fingers my
My worst fears are comin' true
I see you losin' your faithe in me

And reflected in your eyes
Don't like who I see
And yes I know that I gave you couse
Don't want u to cry no more, no.....


And no matter what I say
Tho to me it seems I'm talkin' sense
I keep hurtin' you just the same
Just the same
Oh I'm sorry girl
No I don't mean to hurt you....