Nate & James - Back Of The Mill lyrics

You paid the price
I was bought, I belong to you
But in how I live and in what I do
This seems untrue
I'm ready to love
Ready to live and to obey
So lift this bowl off my darkened soul and take it away

You are my God
You are my Lord
You are my God
I love you Father

So I will shout or softly speak
Or I will sing
To raise the name and praise again
My mighty King
I'm willing to love
Willing to live and to obey
So dwell in my soul
My heart your home
And in me stay

Speak to me
I'm listening
Come into me
The door is open
Speak to me
I'm listening
Live in me
That's what I'm hoping

Back of the bread is the flour
And back of the flour is the mill
And back of the mill is the wind and the rain
And the Father's will