Natalia Lesz - Beat Of My Heart (2012)

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Natalia Lesz - Beat Of My Heart lyrics

Can you come over here
Can you show me what's real
Can you open my herat
Show me what I should feel
When you're looking at me
Never felt so close
Put your loving on me
Show me what I should want

In the dephts of my soul
I can feel the heavens
Feel the rythm
As it flows
Ready to explode

Move to the beat of my heart
Feel it beating
The rythm can last forever
When we're together
I don't wanna stop
Don't let the pressure stop
Please don't stop

Before you it was dark
Now there're stars in the sky
You made everything clear
All the planets algned

Can you stay with me
Set my body free
Hold me closer feel mu pulse go